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Devyatkina Tatyana Petrovna, Doctor of philological sciences, professor,sub-department of literature and methodology of teaching literature,Mordovia State Pedagogical Institute (11а Studencheskaya street, Saransk, Russia),
Zhatkin Dmitriy Nikolayevich, Doctor of philological sciences, professor,head of sub-department of interpretation and translation science, Penza StateTechnological University (1а/11 Baydukova lane / Gagarina street, Penza, Russia), Member of the International Academy of Sciences of Pedagogical Education, honoured research worker of higher professional education of the Russian Federation, honoured research worker of science and technology of the Russian Federation, honored research worker of culture of Penza region, honorary doctor of Penza State Technological University, Member of the Union of Writers of Russia, Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia,

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Background. Due to an increasing belief in ritual water the topic of the study is now becoming ever more relevant and urgent. The use of water in various religious and magic rites performed by Mordvinians was an integral part of the traditional culture of the ethnos. The article aims at studying the functions of water in ritual actions of the Mordva and their reflection in a number of folklore genres as well as identifying their transformations in the contemporary culture.
Materials and methods. The study is based on the analysis of relevant Russian and foreign research works and the authors’ own data obtained as a result of over 20 years of field research around the Republic of Mordovia. The methodology was based on philosophical and dialectic studies, the historical method and the objectivity principle. The main methods of analysis included the description and the comparative-historical approach.
Results. The data analysis shows that the use of water in certain ritual and magic actions performed various functions being an integral part of the traditional culture of the Mordva. Consequently, some of the religious and magical rituals has not changed considerably in the course of time till the present days.
Conclusions. The role of water in traditional rites, fairy tales and other folklore genres seems to be rather impossible to consider in the framework of religious and magical views only. According to numerous informants, the use of special water for healing, protection etc. has had a positive effect. Definitely the informants were influenced by their positive state of mind, the season, the location of a water source etc.

Key words

water, deities, rites, praying, sacrification, taboos, protective charms, spells.

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